We believe clothing can be more than just threads. It's a way to express yourself, connect with others, and spread a little positivity in the world. That's why we partner with passionate retailers like you to elevate your retail selection and inspire your customers.

Why Partner with Brotherly Sole?

  • Become Part of the Crew: Join a network of retailers who share our values of fostering connection and celebrating individuality.
  • Offer Threads That Spark Conversations: Stock your shelves with high-quality clothing that reflects the unique style of your customers.
  • Fuel Their Passion: Brotherly Sole products go beyond fashion – they're a way for customers to express themselves and connect with others.
  • Fast Delivery & Unwavering Quality: Ensure your customers receive their purchases quickly and enjoy products built to last.

Who We Partner With:

  • Independent brick-and-mortar retailers who share our passion for community.
  • Established retail chains with a physical storefront.
  • Large groups and organizations hosting special events.

Ready to Connect One Sole at a Time?

Fill out our quick and easy Wholesale Application below and a member of our crew will be in touch to discuss how we can connect your retail selection one sole at a time.